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While we may seem like the tech folks, we realize the importance of human languages and the 3Rs.  In fact, we strongly believe that it is far more important to go back to the roots and strengthen 'Reading', 'Writing' and 'Arithmetic / Numeracy' capabilities of any child before we expect the child to learn formal subjects using the 3Xs (eXploring, eXperimenting and eXpressing themselves).    Some gifted individuals may leap forward but most need a guiding hand to make the transition.  A teacher plays a critical role in helping most of the students learn the basics and then transition to self-directed methodologies.

Hence we present you with some language resources first.  If someone says nothing is achieved by rote learning, ask them if they think before they take every breath.  Humans have not yet completely understood how their brains work.  Every learning method has a purpose.  Use each one appropriately.

Yes, we want children to memorize the poems, 'Where the mind is without fear ...' and also 'Ozymandias'.  And anything else they can, while developing the critical thinking capacity.  Those who can reason things, can do so for their own pleasure or for the benefit of society at large. Why miss living a joyful life filled with every emotion embedded in literary classics and recalling them privately in one's own mind or enjoying a public performance.

Why not continue to use paper - it may still be the most energy efficient method. Care to argue? The world is turning digital.  If you need to choose on-line content where would you go? Rely on search?  Can you handle the digital fatigue of dealing with millions of hits?  And we present the following for your critique:

Origins How Earth is Born.   Spell check suggestion: did you mean "Origins How Earth is book ?"

If you want a teaching aid for the poem, 'Where the mind is without fear ...', would you choose this link (http://download.nos.org/srsec302new/302EL10.pdf) that is bland but the right one or this one (http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/where-the-mind-is-without-fear/) that is ad-ridden that might come up before the other one?  Who sorts these things out for every teacher and save some energy?  We will try.

The following is a curated list. If you are interested in curated content for a specific topic that you are teaching contact us.




Open Content

Why do some entities (organizations or people) charge money and others give it away for free? Is quality a concern if the stuff is free? Good questions. Find your own answers rather than trusting us. We think free/libre/open content is good as long as it is peer-reviewed and there is an active mechanism to maintain quality.







  • Teach Engineering - is a digital library of 800+ K-12 engineering lessons and hands-on activities.