Dear Teachers

Kudos to you!  Without your relentless effort we would not be here today.  While you continue to build the next generation, we would like to do our part in making your job easier if it is possible.

We are a bunch of engineers who gave up lucrative jobs to get into the social business of education.  However our goal is not to make millions.  We realize that there are too many changes in the current teaching environments with the use of technology.  None of these technological innovations can ever replace you.   The best example we give is by asking people, 'If the paper usage has reduced in the world with the invention of electronic documents and messages?'  Of course the answer is that it has increased dramatically.  Let us not digress here and talk about trees though that's an important discussion and we see sustainable solutions in that space.

We network with technology people and other educators actively in India and abroad.   We research on open / free content and also paid content.  We provide reviews and also the content itself if the licensing allows us to do so.

We would like to work with you in making your lives easier in dealing with the technology in education.  We offer a variety of teacher awareness programs related to content and systems.

Specifically, we provide the complete replacement curriculum for existing computer curriculum in schools.  We use Scratch, a new visual programming language, from MIT, USA to encourage project-based learning.  No written exams.  Only working projects would be evaluated at the end of academic year to assess the children.  We introduced this successfully in one school in Eluru and one school in Rajahmundry.

Contact us for more details and drop us a line if you have any specific research requirement on content or systems.