Dear Parents,

Home is the first place where children learn a lot of things, spoken and unspoken. School is the second place where their knowledge boundaries are expanded

As parents we realized ourselves that we need alternative learning environments to make sense of a fast paced curriculum in schools and give children a holistic view.  Stepping back and looking at the big picture, is not possible in a fixed schedule with preset curriculum.   Certain topics are even skipped in the curriculum at the expense of developing balanced thought process and outlook on life in children, if they are not aligned with the topics of prominent competitive exams. In this type of aggressive environment, different parents notice different issues with their children.  How do we address some of the short-term and long-term issues?

We do not project ourselves to have the best solution for every issue.   We are engineers with successful careers and are now researchers in technology usage for education (both school and college level).  We actively review open/free and paid, content and systems for use in schools and engineering colleges.  We partner with other educators across the world and actively learn new things (Participated in a MOOC - Massive Open Online Course offered by Stanford, USA and continue to interact with other educators in this course on Designing a New Learning Environment -

We hope to bring some of the programs from pioneers in the new learning methods and systems, and offer them where we live to enrich the community as a whole and reap the benefits along with others.

In summary, we offer a learning environment where children of all ages can interact with others and use unique resources we may provide from time to time.  However we will always be a tertiary learning environment as home and school need to remain as the primary and secondary learning environments.

We would like to offer technology orientation sessions to interested parents in small groups. We welcome constructive feedback and drop us a line if you would like us to research on any alternatives that you would like to explore.

Best Regards,
Nanda Kishor & the virtual team at (including educators across the world).